When you install a well on your property, you have to ensure regular maintenance to keep it in good working condition at all times. There are numerous things that can lead to well pump malfunction, and some of the issues experienced include the well pump not working the way that it should. Whether the pump motor is having problems starting or stopping, there are things that you can do to deal with the problem. Troubleshooting your well pump will involve inspecting the different parts for marks of damage. Here are some common malfunctions and how you should troubleshoot them:

The motor failing to start

When the well pump motor fails to start, it may be due to many reasons. Some problems may be easy to fix while others require more expertise and labor. The first thing to do in this scenario is to inspect the fuses as well as the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker trips, flip on the switch and the problem will be gone. You should also look for loose, dirty, or rusted fuses that might need changing.

Inspect the cables, wiring, as well as the pressure switch and look for signs of rust or wobbly connections. Test the voltage to check the pressure switch and if you read low or negligible voltage, replace the pressure switch.

The motor starting too often

If you are facing this issue, check the pressure switch and if the setting is incorrect reset it. If you notice any defects, replace the switch. Inspect the valve to see if it is jammed open as this means that it cannot hold the right pressure and will still start. Replace the valve in this situation. Next, look out for any air charge and note that a faulty charge can cause tank waterlog and it will need replacement. Inspect the well pump pipes and if you notice leaks, repair or replace the pipes.

The motor running continuously

If the pump motor will not stop running, you need to look at the pressure switch. Sometimes adjusting the switch can solve the problem by stopping the motor. You can also try cleaning the contacts and if this fails to solve the problem, change the pressure switch. See if any parts of the well pump are loose or broken and if you notice any damage such as a broken motor shaft or loose couplings, you need to repair or replace the parts. Examine the check valve to make sure it is closed and adjust it if it is not. Inspect the pump screen for any debris or dirt that may be blocking or clogging the pump.

An old or worn out pump

If your pump is old or has been in operation for a long time, it may be responsible for the problems you are experiencing. A well-worn pump can lead to issues that look like those experienced when the level of the water is low or when there is a leak. After confirming that the leak is not due to damaged pipes, you need to consider the fact that the parts might be wearing out. Replacing the faulty parts or the whole well pump may be necessary.

It is a good idea to get professional inspection if your well pump is still having problems. A licensed pump repair professional will ensure that you get the best results to get your water well pump working smoothly.