Water filtration services help clients remove any impurities present in their water source. Large particles are easy to filter from your water. But, your water sometimes contains smaller impurities that can be difficult to remove. Some impurities even have no obvious signs of presence in your water until you undergo water testing. Professional water filtration services work to deliver the most effective water purification process for your contaminated water.

At Rhodes Pump, we take pride in our knowledge and skills in effective water treatment. Our water specialists work one-on-one with our clients to create individual solutions for all their water needs. Our water treatment systems are designed specifically for your home or business. You want to deliver your family and/or business the safest, cleanest water possible. Harsh chemicals can create damaging effects on your plumbing systems, appliances, and your health. Water filtration services can provide you the crystal clear, high quality water that you deserve.

Problem Cause Description Solutions
The water has a metallic taste and there is red/brown staining on fixtures as well as possibly on clothing and in the dishwasher. Iron This is a naturally occurring mineral in many of the wells in our area. Oxidation
Ion exchange
There is brown/black staining on fixtures, dishwasher and possibly in the washer. Manganese This is another naturally occurring mineral. When this mineral comes into contact with bleach, the staining will intensify. Oxidation
Ion exchange
Scale build up on pipes, fixtures, staining on glass shower doors and glassware. Hardness The hardness level is a combination of dissolved calcium and magnesium. These are also minerals that naturally occur. Ion exchange
Water Softener
Blue/green staining on fixtures, in sinks or bath tubs. Low pH When water has a low pH, it is acidic and it becomes corrosive and cause pinhole leaks in pipes as well as shorten the life span of many appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, etc. The ideal pH for water is 7.0, which is neutral. Acid Neutralizer
Water tastes bad or smells bad. In wells there are volatile organic substances that can cause the water to smell or taste bad. These are usually harmless but not always. Sediment filter
Activated Carbon
Well Chlorination