Water Well Services

While the focus of our business is to bring water conditioning and water treatment services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Guilford, CT area, at Rhodes Pump, we handle all types of water well service. Here are just some services we provide:

  • Water well installation
  • Well drilling
  • Water pump installation
  • Water pump replacement
  • Well pump service
  • Sump pump service
  • Deep submersible well pump systems
  • Well tank replacement
  • Well locating services
  • Water testing
  • Well inspections

Water Well Installation

If you are a new home owner, constructing a new business, or looking to replace your water well, the best option is to hire a professional. There are many steps involved in planning for water well installation. From start to finish, our qualified, experienced team is dedicated to bringing you high quality water backed by the greatest commitment to our customers.

Well Drilling

Well drilling requires many steps. The first step it to see if legal requirements call for a permit. A professional well water company will know what steps are needed for well drilling done the right way. A local drilling contractor will know where to drill to get the best water supply. The goal should be to get good quantity and quality from your well drilling.

Water Well Pump Service

A well pump is used to bring water from your well to your house. The type of water pump installation will depend on the type of well you are using. The pump is not intended to run continuously. The pump moves water to a storage tank to provide consistent water pressure to all the fixtures of your home or business. When the pressure reaches a certain level, a switch is activated to stop the pump. As you use the water in your home or business, the pressure in the tank decreases and the switch will turn on when the pressure reaches a certain level. The cycle then repeats.

Most pump suppliers use quality parts that last for years. In some cases, water well pump service is required. If problems with your pump are repairable, our well pump repair services have helped thousands of customers save money from water pump replacement. If the problems for your pump are significant, you might need well pump replacement services. Whatever water well pump service is needed, our professionals have the tools, expertise, and knowledge needed to provide a solution to your needs.

Sump Pump Service

A sump pump is installed at the lowest point of your basement, or crawl space, at the bottom of your sump pit. In low lying areas, ground water can surround your home’s foundation. When necessary, a submersible pump called a sump pump can be installed to remove the water from your basement and pump it to the nearest storm drain or dry well.

Whatever well water services your home or business requires, we want to help. With almost 40 years in business, Rhodes Pump is dedicated to bringing the best solutions at the lowest prices for your well and city water problems. A dedicated member of our staff can help you navigate your well water needs and construct a plan that fits your individual situation. At Rhodes Pump, we take pride in bringing the best well water service CT to all of our clients.