Water Conditioning Systems & Services in Guilford, CT

Yearly services on water conditioning systems

With our service we come out check over the system, make sure that everything is working correctly and if there are any issues, we inform the customer. This also includes an in-home water test of the Iron, pH and Hardness levels in the water. If any inline filter needs to be changed, we do so and also add any media to tanks that require it.

Well pump and well tank replacements

Whether you come home or wake up to NO WATER, we know that this can be one of the most frustrating circumstances for most people. At Rhodes Pump, we promptly respond to these emergency calls and get you and your family water back as soon as possible. Our 7 day emergency service means that we always have a technician available to help you with these emergency situations.

New well installations

Depending on whether you have recently built a home and need a new well or if the current well in no longer sufficient for your needs, Rhodes Pump is here to help you through this process. We will come out talk with you about your options and then help to guide you in the direction on the correct well system for your new well. The choice between well tank sizes and submersible pumps can seem daunting, but we are here to help you make the right choice for you and your family.


If your well does not produce enough water, Hydrofracking would be an option. This process is a 4 hour procedure that opens up the aquifers in your well to try to increase the amount of water that goes into your well. In most instances, this procedure is a successful solution to a well that does not produce enough water. This is a simpler procedure to do than drilling a complete new well.

Sewage pump repair and replacements

After time sewage pumps can get worn out and need to be replaced. Also wires and floats can deteriate and causing the sewage alarms to go off and we can go and make the appropriate repairs to make sure that your sewage pump is working correctly.