About Us

Rhodes Pump Services specialize in water solutions in Connecticut and can help with all your water and sewage requirements.

Whether yours is a new construction or an old installation, there are a number of problems that may be affecting your water system. From altering water levels that leave you high and dry, to various unwanted metals and sediments getting into your drinking water and damaging your health. Water is not something you should take for granted – failure to get regular and efficient maintenance can have negative effects to your health so it’s crucial to take it seriously.

At Rhodes we offer a range of options to help address any problems and to prevent them from occurring in the first place. Of course we provide general maintenance to help you sleep easy and prevent leaks and other problems, but on top of that we can help you take many other measures to ensure your water supply is the best it can be. For instance we install various types of filters to help keep your water free from contaminants that could make you ill. We also use UV lights to remove bacteria – though usually we will try chlorination first to solve the problem as cheaply and efficiently for you as we can.

If you are constantly running short of water then you might need a larger tank – this should directly correlate with the number of people in your home. We will consult with you on which solution is best for your situation, and can make sure you have the right set-up for your needs. If you’re moving into a new property we can conduct tests to ensure the water is running smoothly and test for ECOLI, chlorine and other issues.

In short, we can help to address any issues you might be having with your water, but also provide maintenance to ensure that you are not missing anything important that could be costing you money or negatively affecting your health. We offer the best value for your money, the most efficient and reliable service and we have been serving the area for over 70 years. No matter what you need for your water system then, you can trust in us to make sure it’s done right.


We as a company always try to provide our customers with the best service we possibly can.  We hold our customers in the highest regard and treat them how we want to be treated, with respect, honesty, fairness, and always in a courteous manner.  All of us here at Rhodes Pump Service have families, we know when someone calls with no water because of problems with their water conditioning equipment that we need to proceed in a swift and professional manner to provide your family with one of the essentials for everyday living.  Rhodes Pump Services have been servicing families with water problems for over 35 years and for all those we have serviced thank you, and we would like to greet those that are new.









My name is Bill Reynolds, proud co-owner of Rhodes Pump Service.  I have been involved with water treatment since 1973.  Also being a licensed plumber, I have been exposed to many different installations of different products and the many obstacles we sometimes have to face.  Whether I am at a call or I am in the office I always try to answer customer’s questions and provide the information they need.








Hello, my name is Brian.  I have been an employee at Rhodes Pump Service since 2004.  I enjoy going into work every day.  I enjoy helping new customers as well as returning customers.  Jobs I encounter on a daily basis are servicing water conditioning, replacing well pumps, installing well tanks, and water filtration.  I look forward to providing any service you may need with your well water.




My name is Jody; I graduated from a technical high school for plumbing, and love this trade.  I have been with Rhodes Pump Service since 1997.  I work in all areas of water service.  You might see me servicing your system, pulling your pump, or doing any kind of installation.


My name is Doug.  I have worked in various areas of construction for over 14 years.  I have been working at Rhodes Pump Service since 2009.  I am the ‘do all’ guy, from service calls and installations, to septic and sewage pumps.  I am also generally the technician on call for the 24 hour emergency service.